Merged CMS

Molo allows you to manage more than one site in a single CMS using wagtail’s multi-site functionality.

Sharing a database

The database is shared between the number of sites you have. It is important to know this when querying data. One should always make sure the page/s you are querying for are descendants of the correct Main page.

See wagtail documentation for more on Multi-Site CMS

Copying between sites with multi-language content

Molo allows you to create content in multiple languages, as well as have sites in multiple languages. When copying content in language x and y to a site that has only language x, the content will be copied over as well as language y. However, language y will be set as inactive as it never existed on the desination site before the copy.

See help centre docs for more info on copying content and sites (insert link to helpcentre docs)

Copying content with relations to different sites

An ArticlePage has a relation to a ReactionQuestion. When copying an article from site one to site two with a link to a reaction from site one, the article will be copied over to site two. However, the linked reaction question will still point to the reaction question question in site one. This is avoided by creating new article reaction question relations after the article has been copied:

# replace old reaction question with new reaction question
question_relations = \
for relation in question_relations:
    if relation.reaction_question:
        new_question = ReactionQuestion.objects.descendant_of(
        relation.reaction_question = new_question

For any new content that has a relation to other content, the same will need to be done.