Writing Test Cases

Use Molo test mixin molo.core.tests.base.MoloTestCaseMixin

The Molo test mixin contains helper methods to generate test content necessary for the main sight.

class MyTest(MoloTestCaseMixin, TestCase):

    def setUp(self):
        main = Main.objects.all().first()
        lang = Languages.for_site(main.get_site()
        self.english = SiteLanguageRelation.objects.create(
            language_setting=lang), locale='en', is_active=True)

        self.user = User.objects.create_user(
            'test', 'test@example.org', 'test')

        self.client = Client()

    def test_register_auto_login(self):
        # Not logged in, redirects to login page
        login_url = reverse('molo.profiles:edit_my_profile')
        expected_url = '/login/?next=/profiles/edit/myprofile/'

        response = self.client.get(login_url)
        self.assertEqual(response.status_code, 302)
        self.assertEqual(response['Location'], expected_url)

MoloTestCaseMixin methods

  • login()

    Creates a superuser and logs in username=’superuser’, email=’superuser@email.com’, password=’pass’

  • mk_root()

    Creates a root page accessible on the application application root url

  • mk_main(title=’Main’, slug=’main’), mk_main2(title=’main2’, slug=’main2’, path=’4098’)

    Create the main page of your molo test site

  • mk_tag(parent, slug=None, **kwargs), mk_tags(parent, count=2, **kwargs)

    Attach/add tag to parent page

  • mk_reaction_question(parent, article, **kwargs)

    Create test reaction question for an article

  • mk_sections(parent, count=2, **kwargs), mk_section(parent **kwargs)

    Create test section(s) page content in parent page

  • mk_articles(parent, count=2, **kwargs), mk_article(parent, **kwargs)

    Create test article(s) page content in parent page

  • mk_banners(parent, count=2, **kwargs), mk_banner(parent, **kwargs)

    Create test banner(s) page content in parent page

  • mk_translation(source, language, translation) mk_section_translation(source, language, **kwargs) mk_article_translation(source, language, **kwargs) mk_tag_translation(source, language, **kwargs) mk_reaction_translation(source, language, **kwargs)

    Create a translated version of the source (Page)